ATWC’s Family Start programme is an early intervention, home visiting service targeted at vulnerable young families across Auckland .

The Family Start programme is a Family and Community Services initiative that enables families with young children to access a comprehensive range of welfare, health, education and other services they may need.

Family Start:

  • Referrals can be made from when the mother is 3 months pregnant up to when the baby is 12 months old. In exceptional circumstances, a child may be accepted into the program up to two years old.
  • Social workers can work with families until the child is five years old
  • Is responsive and sensitive to families’ cultural and social beliefs
  • Is delivered to the main care giver of the baby or child under 12 months

How Does it Work?

Once an ATWC social worker has assessed a family, an individualised plan is put together identifying key areas where the family needs support.

The plan, which is reviewed and updated every three months, identifies goals for the family and the social worker to achieve together. For example, a social worker can investigate study options for a mother who can then pursue them.

Family Start is voluntary and requires families' consent. This supportive programme encourages families with young children to access a range of welfare, health and other services they may need.

Referrals to Family Start can come from:

  • Lead maternity carers – midwifes, general practitioners, and obstetricians
  • Plunket
  • Hospital maternity services – including neo-natal units
  • Well-Child providers –all providers contracted to deliver the national Well-Child Tamariki Ora programme i.e. vaccinators, dental therapists, hearing and vision testers
  • Any providers, including Child Youth & Family and other government departments, who work with families and recognise the need for referral


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Family Start Referral

ATWC is committed to best practice and working in ways that respects the dignity of individuals and their whanau.

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