Granger Grove is a three-stage residential, family care programme which enables mothers to make a fresh start in a secure, supportive environment in ATWC’s tranquil, spacious grounds.

ATWC’s skilled social workers, counsellors, child psychotherapists and caregivers help mothers learn new parenting and home-making skills including cooking, budgeting and establishing good household routines.

Mothers also learn how to deal with health problems, access community resources, sort out relationships and set new goals as well as gaining an understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence, child abuse and trauma.

Stage One – Supervised Parenting

Mothers and children initially live in two-bedroom units at Granger Grove which have their own bathroom and are linked to a communal dining room, kitchen, lounge and laundry. Staff are available 24 hours a day to offer guidance and help.

Children attend ATWC’s, on-site St Mary’s Preschool where they are encouraged to explore and learn in a rich, stimulating environment, benefiting from encouragement and warm, reciprocal relationships.

Mothers attend Granger Grove’s educational and therapeutic classes and receive individual therapy for themselves and their children.

Stage Two – Independent Parenting
Mothers and children live in self-contained cottages where they consolidate their new parenting and life skills before moving back into the community.
Stage Three - Outreach
Mothers graduate and move back into the community when they and staff agree, in consultation with their referrer that they are parenting safely and consistently. An ATWC social worker provides on-going community support and mothers can continue to use ATWC’s counselling and child psychotherapy services.

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ATWC has created a survivor-focussed process to address any harm that has been experienced in the past. We are committed to ensuring we listen carefully, apologise sincerely, and support recovery and healing.

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