What We Do

ATWC supports up to 3000 and their families/whanau across Auckland through a range of vital services and programmes based in the homes, schools and communities we serve.

Every service and programme is different but all are part of ATWC’s integrated approach and overarching goal to protect, nurture and provide opportunities for children and young people so they can face the future with hope.

Our philosophy is based on early intervention so our programmes and services will have a positive, long-term impact on parents, caregivers and their children.

ATWC provides emotional and practical support in the areas of parenting skills, child behaviour, relationship issues, early childhood education, abuse, neglect, family violence, separation, loss, grief, poverty and housing.

We help parents, families and care givers to gain the life skills they need to improve the lives and futures of the children in their care.

ATWC employs professional staff and provides high-quality, innovative practice, working in close co-operation with related agencies and services. ATWC is run by a Board of Trustees - a committed group of business and community leaders who give their time to the charity.


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