Complaints Procedure

It is ATWC policy to respond to and learn from complaints received about its operation or about the services it provides. Complaints provide important information about how well the needs of all people are being met and provide direction for the development of its members and its services.

All complaints will be investigated sensitively and confidentially and any follow-up action required will be carried out promptly.

The following procedure will be adhered to:

  1. Complaints may be either verbal or in writing, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer.
  2. Complaint is acknowledged in writing within 5 working days of receipt, unless it has been resolved to the satisfaction of the service user within that period.
  3. Within 10 working days of giving written acknowledgement, the service makes a decision whether to accept that the complaint is justified or not.
  4. If more time is needed to investigate the complaint, the service will inform the complainant of the additional time and the reasons for this extra time.
  5. When investigation is completed, the service informs the service user of its decision and any other action that the service proposes to take.


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