Mellow Parenting

Mellow Parenting is a one-day-a-week programme which is funded by Counties Manukau District Health Board to help support families with children under the age of five.

The Mellow Parenting programme at ATWC is an invaluable opportunity for parents to enhance their parenting skills and capacity. Our 14-week group programme focuses on learning about child/infant development and the unique relationship with your child.

Together we will learn about different parenting techniques and explore how your experiences as a child may affect your own parenting. This programme is fully funded by Counties Manukau Health Board and child care is provided.



  • Live in the Counties Manukau District Health Board when first referred, either by an agency or by the family themselves
  • Be the main caregiver of at least one child or children aged under five at the time of referral
  • Parent of the child is aged over 16 years on the day of consent
  • Want help with parenting, be willing to participate in the group and not be referred as a result of a court order

the programme includes

  • Free transport to and from the weekly group sessions, if clients are unable to provide their own
  • Share cooked lunch times for children, parents and staff
  • Structured parenting workshops
  • Individual analysis of video-taped family mealtimes
  • Activities, outings and “homework” to develop and reinforce new parenting skills

More Information

To learn more about our Mellow Parenting programme please contact our main office