Child Psychotherapy

ATWC’s Child Psychotherapy Services focus on children’s inner feelings and understandings and how they see and experience their environment.

ATWC Psychotherapists

Registered psychotherapists at ATWC work offering children a safe and trusting environment in a well-equipped playroom, where they use play and language to explore and understand feelings such as fear, sadness, hurt, anger, anxiety or confusion about themselves, their family or other aspects of their lives.

Child psychotherapy can help with developmental delays caused by factors including abuse, depression, anxiety, trauma, the effects of loss, grief or change, aggression and violence, child/parent relationships and coping with chronic illnesses.

Our therapists work ethically and confidentially with individual children and adolescents and involve all the family as needed. A range of interventions can also be offered to those experiencing difficulties between parent and child.

Our psychotherapists can also work with schools or other community agencies to help them understand clients’ needs.

More Information

To learn more about our child psychotherapy service please contact our main office.