ATWC work to ensure all its clients receive the best service possible. When clients access ATWC services they have the right to:

  • Be treated fairly, with dignity and respect, without discrimination. Clients will not be discriminated against on the basis of their age, sex, sexual orientation, marital/relationship status, race, religion, disability, political opinions or employment status;
  • Privacy and confidentiality. Clients’ personal information will be kept confidential and they will be entitled to view/access their records. ATWC will adhere to the Privacy Act;
  • Services of an appropriate standard. Clients have the right to have services provided with reasonable care and skill which comply with legal, professional and ethical standards;
  • Effective communication. This includes effective communication in a form, language and manner that enables the client to understand the information being provided;
  • Advocacy whether formal (via a non-government organisation for example) or informal (via a friend or family member nominated by the client);
  • Having their cultural needs respected, whether this includes having the client’s whanau participate in discussions around support services for their loved ones.

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