Tepa I Tua Samoan Parenting Programme April 2019

In April, we celebrated the completion of the first group of the Tepa I Tua Samoan Parenting Programme for 2019.
The celebration took place at ATWC HQ, Beatty Street, Otahuhu.

4 participants in this group completed the programme and following the presentation of certificates, the parents were invited to share their testimonies of what they learnt from the programme.

Some of the things highlighted were ‘the importance of having a strong family foundation, a safe and happy environment and empowerment to be a better parent’.

“I am learning to be a better parent and taking one step at a time.”
“I am changing the way I interact with my children.”
“looking back has given me insight as to what I need to change for the good of my family”

Following the testimonies, the families and friends of the parents joined with the staff of ATWC for refreshments.

You can find out more about our parenting programmes here.


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