Talking to you matters to me

How data from LENA recorders gives power to parents

This clip is taken from the Talking Matters NZ​ Summit where this inspirational organisation talked about the programme they have done with our Granger Grove mums.

It’s really incredible to hear how much their children have advanced through the introduction of the LENA vest. The mums chat about the way their children not only talk more, and in full sentences with much larger vocabularies, but how they have also grown in confidence and come out of their shells.

Talking seems like such an easy thing to do, something we take for granted. Yet, as these mothers found, often when talking to children it’s easy to forget to use complete sentences, to use longer words and to just talk more!

Thank you to the four Granger Grove mothers who shared their experiences: Patrese Herewini, Catrina Bregmen, Renee Maka & Kylie McOnie, and thank you Talking Matters for the work you continue to do, it’s amazing!


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