Keeping students safe

The Vaine Ora Programme is collaboration between Anglican Trust for Women & Children, Kedgley Intermediate and Pacifica Proud in partnership with Netsafe, the Community Police, Parenting Place and Madd Messenger. The programme has been developed to support and enhance girls online, their personal safety, and cultural wellbeing as young Pacifica women.

15 girls took part in the first programme that ran through August and September. The programme covered the areas of online safety, keeping safe at home and out in the community, and wellbeing. The families of the students’ were involved in parts of the training to enhance community and family awareness of these areas.

Keeping safe online was delivered by Netsafe and included topics such as identity protection and how material that is viewed online can impact reactions and safety. The Parents’ workshop was directed towards increasing understanding and awareness to support and protect young people’s online engagement.
Keeping ourselves safe workshops were delivered by Counties Manukau Police and the girls learnt how to take care of themselves in a range of social settings. They talked through what dangers are, who can get hurt and what they can do to keep themselves safe.
Wellbeing was presented in an interactive workshop by Madd Messenger, it explored the importance of understanding, embracing and expressing one’s cultural values, freely and confidently as a way to embrace one’s identity. The workshop’s intention was to develop confidence with Pacifica identity and communication.

The programme came to a close with a dinner for the parents and stakeholders at Manukau Institute of Technology’s Dine restaurant with Nick Tuitasi from Parenting Place. He talked about Learning to Laugh and Love, helping parents to develop an awareness of the Love Languages (how to show children parents care in a way the child can understand). It was a great chance to bring those invested in the programme together to celebrate, acknowledge, reflect on and recognise the students for their work as well as a space to share past stories and develop good parenting strategies.

Vaine Ora will run again through October and November and this time 15 Pacifica boys, aged 10-13, will learn how to stay safe online, at home, and when they are out with their friends.