“True You” Mother & Daughter Workshop July 2018

A three session workshop for mothers and daughters aged 9 – 14 years to create a space to discover their inner beauty and self-worth through interactive fun activities.

In our workshop you will:
– Explore stereotypes of beauty and its impact on body and self-esteem;
– Explore your inner beauty and become more confident;
– Explore tools to strengthen the bond between mums and daughters.

Session one, 20th July 5-8pm:
3 hours workshop with light dinner at the ATWC Tamaki Office, at 124 Apirana Avenue, GI.

Session two, 27th July 4-5pm:
Bonding date for mums and daughters with fresh coffee, snacks and fun activities,
at 124 Apirana Avenue, GI.

Session three, 3rd August 10-11am:
Free coffee date for mums to reflect at Merchants Espresso and Eatery in GI.

Bookings are essential – Please contact:
Kawkeb Sadik 092763729 ext 9503 /0274102202/ kawkebs@atwc.org.nz
Or Brenda brenda@thelibertyofbeingme.org.nz


Here are some of the benefits that young girls, in their words, have received from previous workshops like these:
– Spending time with my mum. Its great fun.
– Everyone is different, but everyone is beautiful. And to make the most of my time with my mum. I
– loved the welcoming feeling and the info that I learned.
– Having positive things, bonding with mum. Thank you for sacrificing your time to help me and my
mum become closer.
– I now know where mum feels her emotions
– I like how you shouldn’t doubt yourself and your beauty.
– I learnt something new about my mum.
– Be yourself and don’t compare yourself to others. Spending time with my Nana.
– Bonding with mum and images of beauty. Everything was fun and inspiring.
– Love yourself no matter what – love the mirror.
– I understood that I am beautiful. I got to spend quality time with my mother.
– Thank you for bringing all the mothers and daughters together.
– That everyone has different feelings. Having time to spend with my aunty.
– Which exercise did you enjoy the most? The drawing of the memory, I learnt my mum’s memory.
– Showing where we feel different emotions, because it showed how I feel daily. That I am beautiful
inside & out.
– Never give up